Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Politics stress me out

I haven't written much on this post for a couple of months. I still feel compelled to learn and write occasionally about the political and family issues of California, but I will do so on a different site.

I have discovered for me, that the constant reacting to governmental issues makes me a grump. For the sake of my girls, a grump I must not be.

Look for more inspirational writing at LostandBlind.blogspot.com.

Monday, February 28, 2005

California Teacher's Association is alive and well

Just went to pick up my daughter's kindergarten registration packet. Oy the tension. I do not trust the California Teacher's Association. It is too powerful and too big. The self proclamed largest union in the state is growing. One big question I had for the school was to which union do the teachers belong?

My discovery was enlightening. Each teacher is automatically part of the CTA. There is no choice. Though they can opt to have their fees placed elsewhere, most teachers are unaware of this option. The CTA has somehow managed to have all office and other school employees added to their union as well. So, it isn't really the California Teachers Union. It is the California Teachers and other school employees union. Add to that their desire to have a universal preschool added to the state plan which all related becoming part of the union and they grow exponentially.

Never thought I'd say it, but come on Gov. stick to it and bust their plan. The propoganda is on the loose. Even local principals are saying the gov has renigged on children. You got to know this change of seniority for teachers is a threat and a half. I hope it happens.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Presidents day in the southland

Rain pounding down upon us, famiy from Michigan comes to visit "sunny" California. See the kids, see the grandchildren. What do we do? Hang around the house, go to the mall, watch movies. But children need more, family needs more. Where can we go indoors to spend time together? My husband brings up an idea. We've never visited the Reagan Presidential Library. OK.

It's beautiful in the hills. We remember times when we were young now seen through adult eyes. The children learn something new. There were other presidents besides the one we have now. My oldest peers through glass at children's pictures and letters sent to the president. "Why are those there mommy?" she asks. I tell her that children wrote to the president. I tell her presidents like to get letters and care about the children of the country. She, four years old, says that she would like to write to President Bush. OK, I think, one day.

President's Day arrives. Oh yeah, it's President's Day, how ironic. That wasn't planned.

"I want to make a card for President Bush" the munchkin says. We get out the paper and pens. In her uneasy hand she writes "President Bush". She draws a very basic picture of a stick figure cat, because she thinks he'll like a cat. Inside, she writes "President Bush", she draws lines and a gold glittery path. She draws a morraca with a "W" on it. Tomorrow we will send it, with a letter of explanation.

That was our President's Day. Not what I expected.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Rain rolls in

Soggy swampy backyard. Leaking garage. Drains not draining.
That's just my personal experience.

In the neighborhood...
evacuated mobile homes, quickly moving rivers that appear and disappear at the drop of rain, impassable dirt roads that lead to homes, hillsides still moving from the last rain, houses relocating--not mobile homes, HOUSES.

No idea what to expect but seeking prayer for So Cal. It is needed in so many ways.

Good thing FEMA set up shop here.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

FEMA finally fantastic

Much frustration has been expressed across my state concerning the lack of a presidential declaration of disaster. Yesterday, sorry I didn't blog, my local newspaper ran info that FEMA (federal emergency management agency) is setting up shop in our area.

The recent rains devasted some of the people in our area. People with mobile homes who were unable to return and unable to do much more. As the water poured, their life savings drifted away. That was almost a month ago. Frustration has engulfed this region waiting for some word from the federal government.


Friday, February 04, 2005

Another one bites the dust...

What is with our state and scandals? Now State Attorney General Kevin Shelley has submitted his resignation amidst yet another scandal for our state. I read about it in an AP Article in my local Daily News. In this very fair article, the negatives and positives of Mr. Shelley's service to the state were laid out.

Is it any wonder we have so many problems at the local level when we don't seem to know how to elect people who will not open the door to accusations. I don't know if he's guilty of the abuse of voter money mentioned in the article but it is quite clear that with anger management classes and abusive language seen and recorded, he did leave the door open for attacks. One may have nothing to do with the other, but when one's integrity is in question so are all their actions.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

My mind us mush

I have many thoughts right now. Things which concern me. Will the California State Legislature pass physician assisted suicide? What do I think about it?

Still in the works...I struggle because I saw death recently. I watch my grandfather pass away. He has mentally been gone for a while. With dimensia his mind and ability to talk or communicate in any way was gone. He would smile and people would interpret it's meaning. When he had a stroke which caused his breathing to stop for one or two minutes, and then abruptly restart. I don't know all the details and perhaps that is good. But through much difficulty, my mom and uncle decided to have him admitted to hospice. Again, I don't know all the details but I do know what it was like to watch the lack of water and food eat away at his frail body. Is it better to end a life when we know it is ending? I can't agree with it, but the selfish part of me wonders if I would feel the same if the suffering person was me.

Should I be a bag lady? In San Francisco, they have apparently decided to charge extra for the grocery bags. It is their hope to encourage people to bring their own bags to the grocery. The result would be fewer bags creating hideous litter. Not and entirely horrible idea, but slightly embarassing to say the least. What if I don't bring enough bags? Will people purchase reusable bags at a higher cost to help solve the problem? I don't want to be cruel but I think that in order to live in Frisco one has to have an inordinately large back account. An extra $.17 per bag probably bother them a bit.

Baby cries can't leave her, sister enters wearing a lovely taffeta cinderellaesque outfit and wants all my attention too. How to balance...

Loved the state of the union. Detailed but not too detailed, let the politicians get bogged down with that which I can't change or affect. Mr. Bush, I have great respect for you just one thing. Please don't negate any efforts to help our state simply because we have problematic people. They are everywhere. There was a lot of damage in the storms, people need help.

Baby cries again. Writing time is through.