Saturday, October 23, 2004

How is this election important to families?

Over the next 9 days I will be commenting on the importance of this vote and what it means to families. I am continually amazed by strong believing Christians I meet who do not even bother to take a few minutes of time in their day to vote for people as important as our President, our senators, our judges, our assemblymen and women. The gift God has given us in this country is huge. Let me restate this it is HUGE. We have been given many gifts here.

There are people I have spoken with who seem to have the opinion our votes don't really matter. They believe our freedom is in name only. They believe we are so messed up that regardless of what they say or do, nothing new will happen. I have news for them. New things happen daily because of the leadership we appoint or by neglect those who are appointed for us. Laws are passed which decide our liberties and how far they will expand. Judges are appointed who either let those laws speak for themselves or add to their meanings by additional rulings. Money is allocated for a variety of purposes based on that which is deemed important by those in charge.

All of these things affect families in our state and others every moment of every day. To deny it doesn't change it's impact.


Please allow me to explain....
Previous presidents and their presiding congresses have had the responsibility of appointing judges to the supreme court. This same supreme court was accused of choosing our last president. This supreme court decides if pregnant women are carrying babies or fetuses, which can or cannot be disposed of at the wish of the mother. This court decides if God is considered relevant to the forming and continual existance of our country and whether or not our currency, courthouses, and public properties may display such a view.

These things are taught to our children who believe, due to the importance of the supreme court body, they are correct. Unless, we somehow manage to take daily time to check what they have been taught and possibly try to correct their views.

The leaders of our state, city and country have the responsibility of allocating the taxes we pay to places they deem important. Under various leaders money can be spent to replace a county seal which has stood for many years because there is a miniscule cross on it.
Our governors can weild their power to influence voters to spend money where they think it is important (ie. stem cell research and Governor Schwartzeneggar).
Mayors can influence and entire country to allow gay marriages even if at the time they are still illegal in their area.(Example: San Francisco)
Through voter propositions, a state can determine if gambling will be allowed throughout the state or simply relogated to distinct places.
Voters can decide if our government needs to be accountable to us or to no one in particular.

You see, there is so much money put forth in many directions that one must realize. This is a real battle. A real struggle in our otherwise peaceful homeland. We are deciding what kind of country we want to be. We saw one type of leadership under Clinton and another under Bush. Now we must decide where we want our country to go.

Realize this three Supreme Court justices are ready to retire. In fact, they are past the normal retirement age. This next president will definitely appoint one if not all three positions. This congress and president will either help us to fight a vital war or leave it, with the desire to treat it as a nuisance, in the hands of others who are clearly not as motivated as we are to see good be done.

For these next 9 days, you will see a more detailed account of what our state and our families need to think about during this election season.


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