Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Theresa vs. Laura

Theresa Heinz Kerry made a vocal mistake today as she indicated First Lady Laura Bush didn't have a real job. If you don't realize, Mrs. Bush was a teacher and a librarian and then a stay at home mom. Now of course, she has a huge job a first lady, one she does amazingly well.

Why do we have to do this to ourselves over and over? I thought we had finally gotten to a place as a society where we could honor women who work outside the home as well as women who work in it. I thought we were able to recognize, at last, the fact that one is not better than the other. There are choices we make for ourselves and for our families which no one can really make for us.
I was in the work force full-time until my first daughter came. Then I became "technically" part-time. Though there were certainly some full-time weeks or months. I also know not everyone has the type of job or skills that make such a choice possible. I never looked down on those who stayed home, because I knew they were pouring themselves into their family in a way I couldn't imagine. I also never looked down on those who worked full-time because of whatever situation they were in.
Why then would someone, who is excessively wealthy, dare to attack the difficult choices women across our country make? When my husband and I decided I should try to stay home it was extraordinarily difficult. We had to decide to not experience some entertainment options to which we had become accustomed for the sake of our girls. Now each day the girls, the house, my husband and all those combined needs encompass every moment of my day. I really don't know how I was working previously. Yet everything is flourishing better as a result.
Perhaps Mrs. Kerry needs to get out of her rich environment and visit some real people who actually do "work" as homemakers. Then she will have a better regard for Mrs. Bush and all they experienced as well.


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