Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What's a caring family to do?

This election is about more than just who will be our president or senator or even assembly member. There are several propositions which are important. We who care about our families and in reflection, the world, need to spend serious time thinking about and if possible, researching the choices. It is easy to simply watch the commercials and come to a conclusions, but let's deal with some reality. Commercials are advertisements, they are selling a product, whatever proposition they want to us to choose. Advertisements always present whatever product in it's best possible light, but that doesn't mean it is the right product for us. So we need the discerning eye of a consumer.

Let's look at Proposition 70. It states that in exchange for paying "their fair share" or 8.87% tax (which is what corporations pay) tribes would receive the right to a new 99 year compact with almost limitless gambling in scope and size. They would be able to include roulette and craps games, which are currently illegal in California. If these tribes lose their gambling monopoly they would no longer make even these payments. If you want to see a more complete rundown visit California Family a new website sponsored by Focus on the family.

If you are still pondering the presidential dilemma, check these websites for info pertaining to families. Family, Republicans, and The Union Leader


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