Monday, October 25, 2004

Why is Bush right for California?

I was born in Hayward, California up in NoCal and at the age of 10 moved to Arizona. Then, approximately 10 years ago I returned to California. Now I live in SoCal (southern California). While I was attending school here, our schools were literally the best in the nation. Our teachers were lauded across the country and the model set forth by California was one to be followed. In fact, when I moved to Arizona, I was less than impressed with the level of teaching. I had previously been challenged more and learned much more. I spent my jr. high and high school academic years in Arizona. All the while, I was thinking California had a stronger system.

After graduating college, I became a substitute teacher in Arizona. I saw first hand many of the teaching practices and organizational arrangements. I also grew closer to my aunt who is an accomplished teacher of Spanish and music and who later became a private school superintendent. Yet, I thought California is probably better. I did think that until I moved back.

I have spent the past 10 years working in Jr. high, high school and finally children's ministry. I have seen the results of California education for this generation. I have been less than impressed. Until...

President Bush passed No Child Left Behind. I watched families and teachers who had previously let their children slide by with whatever they did on the presupposition that we didn't want to inhibit their creativity. Many could barely read. Many had told me and show me their grade reports which indicated repeated failures, yet they moved to the next grade.

California needs someone to hold its leaders, educators and bureaucrats accountable for the education our children receive. Currently California is one of the lowest achieving school systems in the country. I know we are capable of more.


At October 25, 2004 at 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,
I love everything you have on your blog. What a blessing. Did you have the opportunity to see the Sinclair documentary on Kerry? Alvin and I bought it, but have not watched it yet. I know it will only confirm our beliefs that Bush is the only candidate for the White House.
Blessings to you, Tim, Rachel & Bethany


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