Monday, November 22, 2004

5 year olds workin' 9 to 5

Have I been asleep or something? Recently, I decided I wanted to investigate legislation coming up in the California Assembly. I was shocked to see a bill mentioned entitled AB712 , it apparently calls for mandatory all day kindergarten and universal preschool .

ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN??? This hits too close to home.

Next year our daughter will possibly be attending kindergarten, she is our first. I have already been stressed by this decision. Some may wonder why it is a decision, but I am deeply concerned at the way our school system has been turning as of late. I used to trust teachers implicitely until I began wanting to be one. No one is in the class room with those children except the teacher most of the time and I don't deeply know the history of these people, I don't know ALL they are teaching. ALL DAY!?!
Unless I am in absolute need and have no other choice (which I realize is the situation of some) why on earth would I hand over my most precious daughter to essentially strangers ALL DAY. This would be mandatory?
If such a thing were to actually occur, I would feel the absolute need to homeschool my daughter. I did not give birth to her for the purpose of having others raise her.
Then,today, I had a brief conversation with a mom 0f 5 year old twins. They are now attending kindergarten. When I mentioned the idea, it did not seem to bother her. All I picture is state run education of my child all day every day (except of course Saturday and Sunday) from 2 years old through adulthood.
Currently, I respect our leaders and appreciate their ideas. There is no guarantee I will always respect them. At the national level, I think they are great, but at the state level I am much less than satisfied. I keep having this image in my head of the USSR in its prime. Training children to report on their parent's activities was a regular occurence. Is that something we can look forward to in our lives?


At November 22, 2004 at 10:50 PM, Blogger kuriakonz said...

gone are those days of naivety! when you could just close one eye on everything... today its almost impossible to not be suspicious of every single silly little thing... and they say we are at the epitome of human progress!


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