Sunday, November 21, 2004

Commercial Catastrophe

Okay, so when I decided to start writing a blog, I thought "piece of cake". I imagined no problem writing each day. Problem! Two children+sickness+fatigue= no blog for the past few days. Needless to say, I don't like to give up. So, I will keep trying.

Last week I became very aware of a commercial, which I had not really seen. Not having time in our house to watch Monday night football, the "Desperate Housewives" add was not on my radar until the apology broke a few days later. It was quite fascinating watching the various sides volley their opinions back and forth. In the process, I saw the "offending" commercial several times. At first I thought, "Hmmm, football fans they love those annoying beer ads, you can't really see anything anyway, what's the hubbub?"
(Admittedly not a very pastoral response.)
Then, someone on the anti-commercial side made the point that it was on at 6pm in California. WAIT A MINUTE! If I had just been flipping channels at the wrong time I would have had to explain to my gregarious 4 year old why that woman was touching her private area to that man. (That's how we talk in our house with our daughter.)
It seems like the networks and other cable stations just keep pushing at the edge of what is acceptable. The do it over and over, until we've seen it so much it actually looks normal to us. Then, they move on to the next unacceptable area and push that.
Honestly, I am sick of it! Lately, I have been watching Trading Spaces and Food TV with my daughter. These are "G" rated shows. No bad language, no violence, no issues to worry about just entertainment/educational TV. Until, that is, the commercials come on. They will advertise with gun shootouts and scary scenes from CSI designed to catch attention. But they are not designed for a "G" rated show. Why can't we somehow manage to have commercials which actually reflect the type of show we are viewing. In other words, a "G" rated show has "G" rated commercials. If we can manage to do this in a movie theater surely such decisions can be made for our homes.


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