Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Forgiveness and Kindness need to reign

Praise God, today I saw the mom with whom I had the LOUD conversation, as my daughter Rachel called it. She enjoyed the conversation as did I and neither realized we were loud as our children practiced their gymnatic jumps and rolls.

Now I look to event of the blogosphere and talk radio. The name Arlen Spector comes up a great deal. He who is slated to fill the chairship of the Senate Judicial Committee. He has apologized, he has explained, he will probably chair that committee. Yet fellow evangelical Christians are still calling for his head. I know we must be wise, but shouldn't we also be kind and willing to forgive. His reputation speaks of fairness. For more on this debate, see Hugh Hewitt for the anti-Spector and anti-anti Spector arguments.

Today, I also read of an unexpected election result today. In the Drudge Report, Matt Drudge has an ongoing investigation of some high schoolers in Minnesota who fought so intensely about election results that ultimately the Kerry supporters beat the Bush supporters with fists and baseball bats. We must be careful how we teach our children. Politics may seem like a spectator sport, but unlike watching an intense football game, it affects our daily lives. As we support the leaders we vote for, we must remember to be cautious of the messages we send our children.

My daughter Rachel was a big help to me during the campaign as we went door to door placing pro-Bush flyers on the knobs. She developed a great love for our president simply because I was mentioning him often. She does not have the experience or discernment to appreciate what she would uniquely like or dislike about each candidate. Because of this I was careful to let her know that Kerry supporters were not evil people. Nor were they bad, we simply disagree on who would lead our country in the best possible way. I hope your children know the kindness which needs to be extended to those who disagreed with us during this past election. I hope you know it. There will be arguments over leadership choices or senatorial debates, but the battle for who will lead in the next four years is over. Let's help our children to learn how to be good winners and good losers. The winner doesn't shove it in the losers face and the loser doesn't beat the winner with a bat.

By the way, don't forget, tomorrow is veteran's day. Our soldiers deserve and require our support. Perhaps you will consider aiding someone with the purchase of a phone card to contact their family. An organization is heading up this need. Maybe you will support Soldier's Angels.


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