Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hope and possibilities, with a long way to go.

I have mixed feelings with this election. I am extremely happy President Bush was re-elected. It is exciting to see possibilities nationally. I will pray for him and the many decisions he makes daily.
I am concerned, however, for my home state. Unable or uninterested in putting forth a strong candidate to help us have a balance in the Senate, we continue with two outspoken extremely liberal U.S. Senators. In addition, we still have only a minority of Republicans in the state assembly as well as the state senate. Then, the icing on the cake...
Our state decided to give money toward embryonic stem cell research. This practice bordering on pure evil has now become a place where my tax dollars will be spent. How are we as a state going to grow if all we need is an actor and a great deal of money to sway our vote? This initiative out spent its opponents $100 to $1. We can care about someone in need without checking our brains and our moral compass at the door.
Californians we need to seriously think about how we want our money spent. If we don't investigate, we have no one to blame but ourselves when once again we look into our family pockets and discover our taxes have eaten it all.


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