Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Mental Mom

No makeup, walking around in pajamas a 1pm, yelling "no, don't do that" 24 times a day, taxi-ing children from one event to another, the ultimate maid, and we call her MOM. Why is that the only image most people have of the stay-at-home mom? As a recent indocrinee to this prestigious group, I am amazed at the various women I have been meeting who have CHOSEN to remain home with their children.
One mom I know, who has an 11 month highly active baby boy, has chosen to remain home instead of actively working with her husband on private jets. He, the pilot, and she, the flight attendant, they recognize their child's need for constant parenting. They are working hard to adapt their lives to this new need. I know entrepreneurs who run a plumbing business while caring for their 4 children. There are moms who are former accountants, and business people. I, the temporarily retired pastor, am in a crowd of highly intelligent and active women, who have CHOSEN to slow down for the sake of their children.
We know children are a precious gift from God. We did not choose to bring them into the world to have someone else bring them up. Yet we know our various abilities in our other chosen fields may be compromised due to this multi-year focus.
Movies try to make us look like something interchangeable like buying a new focet for the sink. The whole "wife swapping" thing is HIGHLY offensive to those of us who truly care about the upbringing of our children. No matter what amount of money, it is not worth the potential scars on my child for even one week of a substitute.
Only someone in Hollywood who either doesn't have children, doesn't have a wife, or doesn't understand the value of either would develop such a hideous show.
Mom may not be a rocket scientist at this moment, but she most certainly is developing the rocket scientists of the future. No one will teach their child more than the conscientious mom who CHOOSES to stay at home for the sake of her children.

My daughters are RACHEL (she typed her own name) and Bethany.


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