Monday, November 01, 2004

Proposition 71 salvation or suffication

I have spent some time looking into proposition 71 and this is a case of false advertising if ever I have seen it. People like Michael J. Fox and the late Christopher Reeve have spent much time holding onto the hope this prospect might bring their way. Embryonic stem cell research! The newest hope medicine. They proclaim we must allow it. Yet it has been allowed for the past twenty years. Test have been done on mice and lab rats and not one thing has it helped cure in these rats and mice.

Now let me make this clear stem cells come from various places and stem cells have been attributed to much success in the fields of leukemia and various cancers. However, no success and even a semblance of success has come from embryonic stem cells.

Yet this proposition would have us believe it is the next great cure for everything, from parkinsons to severed spinal cords. This must not pass. The money would not go toward all stem cell research it is only and specifically marked for embryonic stem cell. Researchers want a free ride on the state's bill even though there is no indication it will help. Further, those who have already shown promise and use, umbilical cord stem cells and adult stem cells will receive no funding from proposition 71.

It's your decision, just think about it.


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