Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Thankful??To whom for what??

As Thanksgiving approaches, many plan festive family times and often take a moment to express thanks. But my question is this...who do we thank? Do we thank each other? Our parents? Our friends? God? The mysterious natural space around us? Who? More important than that is the next question.

Why are we thankful?

Hmmm. The food? Air? Hmmm.

I think, a thankful attitude in life will take anyone much further than just one good meal. Thankfulness while being the focus of this ONE day should be an attitude we seek every day. Now to the questions....

To whom are we thankful????
Family, YES! These are the people who put up with our little idiosyncrasies every day. They deserve to be thanked for little and big moments in life. If we never say it, will they really know? Not truly be understood things should actually be said.
So let me say this now. I am so incredibly thankful for the wonderful husband I have and my two children. There are certainly crazy moments but they are worth it because of the fantastic joy these relationships bring.

Friends, YES! The ones who call when we are sick and bring food supplies when we have injury or illness. They add joy and expand who we are through sharing their lives with us.
I am so grateful for the people I have been building friendship with of late. They remind me of how profound simple kindness really is.

God, OH YEAH! Whether you believe in Him or not, it is extraordinarily difficult to look at the world around us and realize all the possibilities without even having a passing thought of the reality of a loving God. If we don't say thank you for each miraculous day, how terribly rude we are.
In that light, I thank God daily for the friends and family He has given to me, none of whom have I earned or do I deserve. He guides our family and helps us in so many ways. I couldn't imagine not saying thank You.

Regardless of your belief system, as Thanksgiving approaches, take some time to look around at the world we live in. There are tragedies, there are sad situations, but there are also amazing beauties and joys to be found for anyone who looks. A thankful life is certainly a more cheerful life and worth the effort.

(this whole time my daughter has been sitting in my lap as I write, so I am now asking her what she is thankful for....

"Our days...having mommy can have fun."


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