Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Touching Home

There are always items to put in the news when you live in a state as large and active as ours. I've seen mention of the who want to make it legal for an immigrant to run for president. Sorry Arnie, not a good plan. We live in an age when those who hate us around the world are willing to invest longterm toward our destruction. Nothing personal Mr. Governor, you're not the only immigrant on the block.
Today, I also read of a group who wants to make sure the cross stays on the Los Angeles County seal. There is also another group trying to ensure our voter approved definition of marriage stands strong.
All of these are viable and important stories, but I cannot do anything, short of giving money (which we don't have that much of anyway), to affect how these stories progress. Eventually, something will or will not come to a vote and then I can make a difference. But until that time comes, the news that affects this California Family, is more closer to home.

COLD SEASON IS HERE! How do I know? Hmmm, whole fam coughing and sniffling. I went to the store to check the various medications one can consume. The shelves where getting bare. Definitely a high traffic area. It reminded me of the store toy shelves the day after Christmas.

Well, as was our plan, we have stayed home to recover and try not to infect others. Quite a difficult thing, I must say. I long to leave the house.
We opted to not attend church on Sunday, after all, there are many children in our two daughter's groups who would ultimately get sick from our girls. I love to worship the Lord in the community of Church. But, we had to stand tough. This week we have a small group that meets in various houses. I have pretty much decided we will not be attending because the girls and I are still coughing, though not quite as runny in the nose. It is frustrating, because I enjoy the community time, but this is what we should do. I wonder if other families are practicing restraint or not.


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