Wednesday, December 08, 2004

And a little child will lead them--or at least his parents will

This past week a small drama occured in the town of Fontana California. The pee wee football championships were coming but there was a problem. The championship game was scheduled on a Sunday. Parents had signed their children up having been told all games were on Saturday only. Five children ages 9-11 years and their faithful parents couldn't, in good conscienceness, play in a football game instead of going to church.

Obviously this was a parental decision, but it was the children who did interviews on TV and to various other types of media. They stood up and said it was what they believed. The team didn't want to continue without five of their players, so they decided to forfeit THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

The community gave them overwhelming support and funds were obtained to be able to pay for a change. The game happenned this evening. Those kids were just happy to get to play. And though they stood up in an admirable way, they lost.

What is the lesson? God does want us to stand up and be counted for him, but that does not mean everything will work the way we assume it should.

I think it is great that these kids and their strong minded parents made the hard decision and even if they had not been able to play it would have been the right decision. It is also fantastic that people saw their stand and wanted to help support them rather than accusing those parents of being fanatical freaks who need some kind of life. Maybe we are taking spiritual things more seriously.

And all this happened in the same state where a Medical Marijuana case is facing the Supreme Court. Where umbilical stem cell research has recently received its largest funding ever.

We here in California may have many issues the country speaks about negatively, but we are also growing fantastic parents and kids who know what they think and are willing to stand up for it.

Way to go Fontana Generals!! You are still champions in my book!


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