Sunday, December 19, 2004

Arnie speaks up

On a recent trip to German our illustrious governor or perhaps I should say, "The Governator" announced that American Republicans should probably go more leftist if they want more votes. (USA Today)How interesting!
He knows, as does the rest of our country, that President Bush did not win by a slim margin. He was not just barely over the top, he was way over the top as American politics states it. In fact, while President Bush's campaign put barely any money into the state of California, he did quite well even here. Most of the so-called "blue" states were very narrow wins for John Kerry. It is predominately the large cities like Los Angeles, Detroit, and Philadelphia which voted against President Bush. So, instead of stating the obvious, that Republicans did a great job and if we want more votes we need to get our message into the cities, Arnie states, "I would like the Republican Party to cross this line, move a little further left and place more weight on the center."

Let's be real here. This is the same governor who called himself a fiscal conservative while encouraging an already close to bankrupt state to spend extraordinary amounts of money on research which has yet to prove itself after 20 years of active use. I am of course referring to the money's our state voted to give to embryonic stem cell research. This money adds to the California debt it doesn't take away. How on earth is that fiscally conservative? He is out for himself and whatever he can attain for him. He calls himself a Republican but everything he really stands for is all Democrat. Maybe he's deluded himself into believing his own retoric because he is in one of the most liberal families in the U.S. with Ted Kennedy as his uncle-in-law perhaps he truly does believe himself to be conservative. That, however, does not change the reality. He is simply a wolf in sheep's clothing. Just because he knows how to bahhhh doesn't mean he won't eat meat.

Republican who heed his advice are simply asking to be eaten by the wolves. Come on folks, we won. Why bite the hand that fed you the election?


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