Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The "Big One" wasn't in Cali

I was born in the northern California bay area town of Hayward. Since the time of my birth, I have been told to expect "The Big One". In other words, the big earthquake which would disconnect a portion of California from itself would one day hit. Well, I think Indonesia and Thailand feel like they've experienced "The Big One".
We are devestated by fires and quakes, by mudslides or riots. Each of these disasterous experiences may, at worst take a few thousand people. They are tragic. But then I watch the news or read blogs or Drudge and I feel something more.
These are countries which by and large are already extraordinarily poor. Indonesia is an island nation with the occasional "rich" island but many more who wouldn't compare financially. This last quake is unreal.
I read moments ago of mention in the Drudge report that the death toll has reached 60,000 with 2/3 of that being children. My heart cries. I can't express the sadness this knowledge brings. Since I heard of the event I could think of nothing but concern for a family I know. They are currently in Indonesia visiting family for the holidays. They had waited for the political uproar to subside a bit before going. Now this. I have prayed for this family of 4 (Mom, Dad and two children) constantly.
Today I received an e-mail tell me of their safety but also making me aware of another issue of concern. Apparently, within Indonesia the talk is that there may be up to 1.5 million people left homeless as a result of the monsterous tsunami. That is the population of some states within our country.
We are so outrageously wealthy in comparison to numbers like this. Please consider doing something to help. World Vision is already on location and able to help perhaps you can contact them. But whatever you do, please don't sit back and tell yourself that you somehow lack the ability to help because you spent too much for the holidays.


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