Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Christmas according to Meacham

In the Newsweek article authored by Meachem there is much to read about his view of Christ. Quite enlightening really when you consider he is a professor of Religious Studies. I suppose that means he studies yet doesn't believe. This article is one big plotted out attack on the faith he admits his readers have.

Early in the article he makes the statment that in Jesus' time His believers had to fend off the idea that Jesus was the illegitimate offspring of Mary and a Roman soldier. How fascinating?

I am amazed that Jesus would have a following of people in such a small community yet they "believed" Him to be an illegitimate child, someone who would be an outcast in society during that time. How amazing! He, an outcast, is invited into the homes of wealthy important persons of the time to dine with them.

The more interesting element of this discourse is that Meachem never gives a reference for why this would even be a question. He doesn't quote a scholar from Jesus' time who records this ongoing question, so how does he surmise to know it existed?

In this highly winded article, Meachem repeatedly sites groups who actively oppose Christians as sources of his research. The Jesus Project comes to mind. He refers to it as a group seeking the historical knowledge of Jesus. The group itself states their goal to change the minds of evangelicals. If one seeks to know history, one should seek revelation not group consensus.

When I was going through the ordination process, I had the gaul to respond to a question given to me in an unusual manner. I wanted to be "original" in my approach to sharing the gospel. I thought my creativity would help lead others to Christ better than the ways of the past. Wisely, I was advised to consider that after 2000 years, if I come up with something "original" I should perhaps consider that I might be wrong. How was I going to uncover something new which had not been accurately addressed in the course of 2000 years.

As I read this article, that is what I see Meachem doing. He doesn't want to help open the doors of history, he wants to rewrite it. Sorry, not buying it.


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