Thursday, December 30, 2004

Islands that disappear

Wow! If you aren't following the news about the Asian countries that experienced this recent tsunami, you must have a hard heart. I have friends who are currently in Indonesia and while I know they are fine, I can't help thinking about those who aren't.

I know, what does that have to do with California Families. Well, honestly, I think we rich Californians should be sure we are off our butts and willing to help. I don't care how poor anyone feels on the moment. The comparison is unreal, we ALL are rich. We can't go over there unless there is a great skill you possess to aid this crisis, but we can send $$$. I know how cheesy that sounds, but to whom much is given, much is required.

The current info is outstanding. As many as 5 million people throughout the 12 countries involved may be homeless. That is two times the size of Los Angeles (all of Los Angeles). All, instantly, homeless. WOW!!! How does that happen? We call it poverty.

I have been highly curious about Indonesia specifically because of the fact that of the 115,000 people believed to be dead currently, 80,000 of them were residents of Indonesia (check Drudge). According to various sources the Indonesian government was unable to communicate with many areas which were affected so they did a fly over to assess the damages. A couple of smaller islands weren't there anymore. In fairness, I don't know how many people could have been living on those islands. But to have an island no longer be there is huge. In one area, they stated that all buildings were destroyed except one military building which was built on a hill.

We don't know that kind of poverty. We don't understand that kind of pain. Just writing about it makes me tear up. We need to care we need to do more than just watch the news. Please donate to groups actively involved in helping. World Vision . Please pray for these folks who have suffered and are still suffering.


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