Saturday, December 04, 2004

Never a moment of calm

We vote, "Marriage is between one man and one woman". Marriages happen in San Francisco between same sex couples. The State Supreme court (not a conservative court) states that this goes against the previous election, marriages not valid. Now Mark Leno plans to introduce legislation to redefine marriage as a contract between "two persons".
It is a never ending cycle. I guess the goal is to tire on another out so that the opposing view simply doesn't have the energy to respond in kind. I, frankly, am a little tired. But I suppose that is the plan.
"Never Surrender!" As the leader character in Galaxy Quest is known for stating. I never thought I would be deeply in favor of a Marriage Amendment. These backdoor tactics to thwart whatever the populace believes are getting profoundly annoying. Why do they push so that we have no recourse but the do the most dramatic thing?
I never planned on supporting it, but I will.


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