Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Pot Plot or Plague

This week the US Supreme court heard arguments on the issue of medical marijuana. Of course, two people involved in the case are from California. It is absolutely amazing to me how many various issues start or end in California.

The question of legality for those who use it to grow their own supply is what is being addressed. Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives a bill is being prepared to investigate the actual medical value of this drug.

I have often thought those who wish to keep it legal are usually users or former users of the drug. The whole idea seems to be, "it didn't hurt me". This is an amazing statement when we know many substances do not have an immediate reaction on the body but instead become like a progressive poison which eats away at us. By the time it has actually done all it can do, one has separated the two issues completely.

I am so tired of the users saying it's great and the non-users saying its horrible. Let's make it official. Let's do a bipartisan investigation. Perhaps multiple research groups working separately with a mutual due date on all information. Then, it can be grouped and averaged and the result should garner some truth.

It has been at least 3 1/2 decades that this drug has been popular, we should find out once and for all ALL the possibilities. What is the complete story? What does it do when it hits the body? What contaminants are coming into a body at the same time? Does it really have a medical benefit or is it simply another body numbing drug? If it is the later, perhaps medical recommendations of ecstasy and herion are not far off.


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