Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tis the season

I am amazed at how crazy even I become at this time of year. I adore giving to others. It is pure joy to me. We do not have an unlimited cash supply however. I started with a few small gifts, it would be enough. I planned early. I would be ready to give and relax. NOPE!

I forgot some of the things I purchased early and then went and got more. I have learned to seek sales and now they are burzurk (is that a word?).

Sales every moment, everywhere....what am I to do? This person could use that and Oh, what a great deal, I should get it for them. I forgot that one and this, oh no, I just gave a gift to one person in a group, how could I leave out the others. Off to buy more....more....more...want to give, need to give.

What a mess!

You know the funniest thing about it all, I could really care less if I get anything. I love enjoying the gift God, Himself, gave. Anything else is just frosting.

I often look at how others go crazy and give them advice on not putting stuff before God, yet here I go...please pray for me.


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