Friday, December 31, 2004

Top 5 memorable moments of 2004

As I look back on the year 2004 I wanted to think of what were the most memorable moments, to me. Everyone has their take, but this is mine.

5. Grocery worker's strike -
I remember watching as all these poor people kept striking, knowing that those of us who simply need groceries and need good prices couldn't avoid the stores forever. I longed for them to agree and go back to work. But it went on. I couldn't believe it when they went on through from 2003 to 2004.

4. The Passion of the Christ -
In the days leading up to the opening of the largest picture in modern times about Jesus Christ, I remember wondering if it would fly or flop. The anxiety was huge. Then as I watched to world embrace a desire to see it. I prayed that this was also a reflection on the desire of peoples to know Jesus as their Lord, yet I wonder if that was truly communicated.

3. 2004 Presidential Race -
The stress, the energy, the fear, the possibilities. From September through November, my daughters and husband and I lived the vote. We talked to people in as many creative ways as we could possibly think up or imagine. We walked for Bush, yelled for Bush, my feet even swelled for Bush. Our state, didn't go his way, but yeah, the country did.

2. Leaving fulltime ministry to stay at home -
I spent years preparing for youth and children's ministry. It is all I have thought about or dreamed. Then, I had daughter number two and I knew the two of them had to be more important. They had to be the most important ministries in my life. But it was hard. My husband and I debated and prayed about it for months before the decision was made. I still love doing ministry with kids of various ages, but this is my current calling and I will minister to these fantastic future women God has put into my care.

1. The birth of Bethany-
This is my personal top 5 and when she arrived in January it truly was a new year. New experiences, new needs, new ideas and a new face at the dinner table. A mighty cute one at that. She is easily the most remarkable part of 2004 to me. No doubt.

What were your most memorable moments?



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