Saturday, December 11, 2004

Watch those kids go

It's time for a new generation and there is hope indeed. I receive information from Focus on the Family all the time and I am very excited about results they are showing. I have often believed that leadership affects people. That is the reason we are so careful about who our leaders are. The leadership of a company can make or break the whole company even if they have great people under them. It is a top-down type of effect. No matter how talented the people are who are under a given leader, they cannot rise above the level of the leader's abilities. I have seen this in many small situations. I see it in churches, in civic organizations, and even within the government. But one thing I have come to believe is that whereever one is considered a leader they affect all the people around them either possitively or negatively. Governors can affect the personality of an entire state. If that state accepts them as a leader, there will be a reflection of them within that culture. I believe that also happens nationally. When people accept a leader, that person has the ability to affect how those people think.

One case in point is President Bill Clinton. I watched teenage boys I was teaching change as they assumed and accepted elements of who the largest leader of our country presented himself to be. While still being boys in every way, I noticed a different way of viewing women when it became clear that the President of the United States had an affair within the oval office, on the job, representing the people of the U.S. Women within working environments became much more objectified and the purpose and abilities of the job place changed as well.
I watched media representatives choose sides based and their view of a leader and squash stories of interest simply because they didn't appeal to their way of thinking.

Now I am seeing men in our country be willing to stand up and take a stand on issues of import to them. I am seeing the male spine get strengthen more than the past had indicated.

There are direct results connected with the leadership our country has had over the past four years. Unfortunately, it often takes time to see what changes have happened but these are a few which interest me. According to research of late, teenagers participating in sexual activities has gone down from approximately 49% in 1995 to 31% in 2002. Boys in particular have also had a lowered rate of sexual activity. (the result of this lowering will surely be seen in other studies as well, i.e. lowered teen pregnancy, lowered risk of rapes, etc.)

We are also seeing college students who resist the teaching of those who oppose the leadership they have accepted. I love the fact that there are now conservative student newspapers on the campus of Berkeley. This is a campus where, to my knowledge, there are probably little or no conservative teaching faculty. Way to go kids!

Check out this article, it's too cool for school.

Conservative Student Newspapers on the Rise
by Stuart Shepard, correspondent

SUMMARY: Alternatives to liberal media are springing upmore and more on campus.

A record number of conservative campus newspapers startedup this year, sharing a mission to bring some balance towhat students hear in the classroom, in the officialstudent papers and on TV. Andrea Irvin works on a conservative magazine at one ofthe most liberal campuses in the country.

"Writing a conservative publication at Berkley candefinitely be trying and difficult at times," Irvin said,"but it definitely makes the experience more rewarding."She said the goal of the California Patriot newspaper isto fill a need on campus."Most of the time," she said, "kids on campus get nothingbut left-wing opinion."

Jim Eltringham of the Leadership Institute said hisgroup's Campus Leadership program seeks change to thatdynamic."What the Campus Leadership program tells students is,'Don't complain about the media, just go out and be themedia,' " he said.

So far this year, the Leadership Institute has helped 22conservative campus papers get started through funding andtraining."Most of the students are sitting in the classroom andreally only getting half of an education," Eltringhamsaid. "It's up to the conservative students who recognizethat bias to go out and make sure that both sides areheard."And not just on campus.

Recent college graduate JessicaStollings said when she watches the news, it's with theknowledge that it may not be long before her face is onthe screen because she chooses to get involved."We tend as Christians to kind of sometimes sit back andboycott or complain about what's on the news, or whatwe're seeing and be discouraged," she said. "Well, why arewe not out there in the middle of it making a difference?"

FOR MORE INFORMATION: The Leadership Institute Web siteoffers more information about itself and its role infostering conservative news on campus.


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