Friday, January 07, 2005

It Rained and Poured

It's a miserable day outside. So Cal is a grand deluge of water, or seemingly so. Children ache to go outside and play. Parents long for the same. Some homes worry of impending mud slides. Or maybe, like us, there is simply something wrong with the way your house was built and occasionally water floods the garage, and the many things stored in the garage.
It's grey and "gloomy" reminds one of 40 days and 40 nights.

Then perspective comes. In one hour flood came to 12 countries. No rain, no precursor to deluge...just calamity. Why?

Why would God, creator of the Universe, allow such hideous things as flood, famine, disease, tragedy? Why? Why? Why?

As the parent of a highly inquisative 4 year old I have finally learned an important lesson. "Why" is the unanswerable question. Because one why simply leads to another why and another and another until either the why's continue or acceptance is made. We accept the explaination without the continued why's not because there are no more questions but because the trust exists between the asker and the answerer.

For some reason we like God to fit into our Santa Clause perfect idea of the world. We want Him to be who we imagine Him to be. We make God in our own image not the other way around. He is the creator of the Universe, not me. He knows how it will work best, not me. And not anyone else either. Despite degrees and experiences, extraordinary giving or extraordinary kindness, when it comes down to it, we are all in the same boat. We are not God.

God set this world spinning. He began the wind, the rain, and even the earthquakes for a reason. Sometimes I think I know the reason. I think I have achieved all insight and I get it. But reality is that with my puny brain no matter how hard I try, I will only get a piece of the puzzle that is God and His creation. Why? Hmmm....that develops into many questions doesn't it?

I have come to a trust with this mighty creator that I accept the reality. I will never know it all. He does.

So, on this dark, gloomy day as people wonder if mudslides will come I am compelled to realize that this will be the drinking water for years to come. This will grow the trees we love. This will bring new growth in the next season. This is an important time.

As I look at the tsunami "tragedy", I am saddened by the loss of so many and so much and to feel any other way would be callous and cruel. But I also see a season. I don't know what the next season will bring but I know God does and that is enough for me. I pray it becomes enough for the survivors too. This IS an important time.


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