Friday, January 28, 2005

Mastering Mom Mania

I have noticed a trend in educated professional women who are choosing to stay at home with their children. We all agree it is important to help our children developmentally. We agree that we have the biggest drive to see that happen, though there are more than a few highly committed dads as well. But I must admit that the mania of being with a 1 year old an 4 year old all day has its moments.
I can get tired of hearing the same drum beat over and over again. I can get frustrated with the baby who cries when I have finally developed something interesting to say. Let's face facts, reading and writing blogs is sometimes the only adult contact I have in a day. So, let me get this out now....


Ok, better now. I adore them I long to be the best I can be. I am also in a cross cultural experience. I used to communicate the gospel, do counselling for teens and families. I was even crossing over to do counselling for children. I have a passion for sharing the gospel, so my kids...OK, my 4 year old, knows what I believe (to the best of her ability) and is learning for herself. The time will come as she grows for her to decide to claim or not claim these beliefs for herself. But for now, they are my ministry.

Are there any moms in the same boat? How is the sanity? I would love ideas for keeping my brain while fostering strong emotional, spiritual and physical children.

Am I dreaming?


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