Monday, January 03, 2005

My country can give more than your country

I just have to praise God for the weird way He does things. The world has been frustrated with the U.S. so when we are one of the first countries to offer $35 million dollars to help the situation, Australia happily offered $10 mill and all were proud. But how could those nasty Americans offer so little? So other countries feel the need to one up those spoiled rich Americans. They give $95 mill or $75 mill. We look stingy. We can't look stingy we're the generous U.S. So, we change plans.

We'll give $350 million. You must have misunderstood us. Having seen such a number Japan jabs back, but we'll give $500 million. Now U.S. senators are stating that when all is said and done, we'll probably give about $1 billion.

God is amazing. He uses petty minds who simply want to appear better than one another to do His work.

And all this taking place in a solidly Islamic part of the world. Christians can't outgive the muslims, can they? HMMMM.


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