Monday, January 17, 2005

Self-promotion season starts

Living here in the land of fruits and nuts as many have dubbed the So Cal area. We have begun the season of self-promotion, in other words, Hollywood awards and soon music awards have begun. Just having this blog is making it very evident to me how transparently narcassistic the entertainment industry really is. I see images of stars who want awards everywhere. As publicists keep their stars in the full view of the American public and keep their job list growing, all I can think is UCK.

I mean, it is truly difficult for me to promote my blog to my friends repeatedly because it is such a me-centered process. Yet, in order to be successful in the entertainment industry one absolutely must be entirely self-centered. You are your own business empire. The me-ness of it all is the only way ANYONE succeeds. There are stars I like because they seem humble and not self-focused when they appear on talk shows. But then I must step back and realize, that is publicity, that is an image. I don't know that star, no matter how many magazines I read, I don't know them.

Reality is probably quite different. It has to be. Because big entertainers are continually told how great and wonderful they are by people who are paid to do so. How can one not be self-centered when everywhere they go pictures of themselves are on magazines or billboards.

It makes me wonder if it is possible for one to love Christ and love being an entertainer. It almost seems like serving two masters.


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