Tuesday, January 11, 2005

So Cal is living in the muk

So, let's get this over with right now. Many people believe So Cal has been living in muk for years but this is different.

It's been raining and pouring who's the old man whose snoring.
I hear he bumped his head and went to bed and couldn't get up in the morning.

Yahooooo, the rain is stopping! At least for now. The sun shines brightly between the softly floating non-rainfilled clouds.

Let's keep people in prayer. Santa Clarita mobile home owners who lost their homes. The landslide victims in Ventura county. Others who are fearing strong flowing rivers located near their homes. Though the rain stops, the problems don't necessarily.

Near my home is a river which hardly ever seems to have much more than a trickle. It almost makes one wonder why we bother having a bridge. But now I know. The trickly is now fast flowing, dangerous and about a block wide. Where did that come from?

I praise God for the simple reminder of rainbows seen on TV as the weather is reported. Lord, you promised no more flood, thanks for the reminder.


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