Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stating the state of the state

Let's get this over with right away. Arnold is NOT my favorite person for Governor of the state of California. A solid conservative myself, I think he overstates his conservativeness. He embraces things with which I completely disagree. Embryonic Stem Cell money is probably the biggest for now. Now that is covered....

I liked his speach. He certainly has a strong personality and carries himself well. I am SO GLAD he wants to focus attention on education and educators. He mentioned wanting to have a teacher's salary be dependent upon success and essentially how well they teach not how long they have been teaching. What a concept, raises based on merit. What will come next? Grades based on merit? Ooooh, I think I like it. In fairness, I have been to the teachers union website and they profess to be the largest union in the state. 300,000 members. I think he is up against a POWERFUL union. Check it out here is a portion of his speech:

So, where do we start? We start in the classroom. We start with those who hold our children's learning in their hands. We start with the teachers.
Let me say this to every California teacher who is opening the minds of our children and nurturing their lives: I want to reward you for your hard work. I want to reward you for the sacrifices you make. I want to reward you for the learning that you instill.
But I cannot do so under the current system. Help me change it.
We must financially reward good teachers and expel those who are not. The more we reward excellent teachers, the more our teachers will be excellent. The more we tolerate ineffective teachers, the more our teachers will be ineffective.
So, in the special session, I propose that teacher pay be tied to merit, not tenure. And I propose that teacher employment be tied to performance, not to just showing up.
And I want to say to every Californian who has a child: "Your child deserves a good teacher. An educational system that rewards and protects a bad teacher at the expense of a child is wrong. And I intend to change that system."

He mentioned the recent agreement with the Indian gaming groups and how that money with go toward improvement in transportation. I have recently driven past some of the larger casinos in our state as I drove to Arizona. Oh my goodness, if they haven't given to the state before, it is long past time. Those places are HUGE.

Repeatedly Mr. Schwarzzeneggar stated our state's deficit. Come on Mr. Gov. sir, you help increase that when you encouraged the largest funding of research which is highly offensive to many of the states citizens. Realisticly, your approval pushed it over the top. Shame on you for ignoring your part in this problem.

There was, of course, more. But the thing that intrigued me was the Democrat response. I have watched responses many times and this one was interesting. Despite the fact that the Democrats refused to applaud the Governor throughout much of his speech, they had little to say which countered his opinion. The only conclusion I can reach is: either, they are afraid to make the citizens who love him angry; or, they agree but can't make it too obvious.

Hmmmm. It makes one think.


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