Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What has happened to Hollywood Video?

I receive e-mail updates from Focus on the Family and a section called Citizen Link. The most recent update indicates that Hollywood Video has been bought out by a chain called Movie Gallery. This chain apparently readily stocks hard and soft core porn. They plan on adding this feature to 800 Hollywood Video stores which have not previously carried it.

That is unreal to me. I am a regular patron of Hollywood Video and its competitor Blockbuster. Both have extremely limited such types of video sales. I had forgotten there were even chains who still kept them in stock. I usually think of small stores or ones specializing in that genre.

As for me, Hollywood has lost a customer and probably gained a protestor. I certainly don't want to bring my children in to get a video if that is part of their sales and I don't want to contribute my money to future investments. I wonder what Blockbuster's response will be.


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