Wednesday, January 12, 2005

When I say mud I mean mud!

So, I wanted to show some pictures. Haven't yet figured out how to import the pictures I want. As a result you'll have to imagine... torn up streets, mud flowing down streets, a submerged airport, the spillway flows into a town. These are images I wanted to show. All within 15 minutes of my house.

Yet, today, the trickle is returning. The river runs more normally and life is going back to it's regular eb and flow.

Does God cause such calamities? Like mudslides and tsunami's. Does God plan how to hurt people? No! God created an earth which works. It grows and changes and keeps functioning regardless of where we choose or don't choose to build our lives. The hill had a lifespan, the people below didn't know the lifespan and were in the path. God does interupt his creation and change things on occasion. The stopping of water in the Red Sea is a great example. God can and does save. On occasion God has been known to destroy but to assume His destructive abilities were in use is to assume we know the mind of God. I don't, do you.


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