Friday, January 14, 2005

Who will teach my child

My daughter will probably go to kindergarten next September and I am anxious and nervous. Teachers exert great influence and have a very important role in the life of my child. I read this recent news and it understandably distressed me.

---------------------------------------------Bad Career Advice Given in Bay Area Middle SchoolCareer Day at a San Francisco-area middle schools this year included some highly disturbing advice from a management consultant.During a 55-minute presentation entitled, "The Secret of aHappy Life," the consultant, William Fried, told female middle school students they could earn a good living beingstrippers and nude dancers -- up to $250,000 annually."It's sick, but true," the Associated Press reported Friedas saying.School officials in Palo Alto, Calif., are reconsidering whether they will invite Fried back in the future to sharewith students

What were they thinking? Why is it not a forgone conclusion that this person must NOT return?
Who chose the consultant?


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