Monday, February 28, 2005

California Teacher's Association is alive and well

Just went to pick up my daughter's kindergarten registration packet. Oy the tension. I do not trust the California Teacher's Association. It is too powerful and too big. The self proclamed largest union in the state is growing. One big question I had for the school was to which union do the teachers belong?

My discovery was enlightening. Each teacher is automatically part of the CTA. There is no choice. Though they can opt to have their fees placed elsewhere, most teachers are unaware of this option. The CTA has somehow managed to have all office and other school employees added to their union as well. So, it isn't really the California Teachers Union. It is the California Teachers and other school employees union. Add to that their desire to have a universal preschool added to the state plan which all related becoming part of the union and they grow exponentially.

Never thought I'd say it, but come on Gov. stick to it and bust their plan. The propoganda is on the loose. Even local principals are saying the gov has renigged on children. You got to know this change of seniority for teachers is a threat and a half. I hope it happens.


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