Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hoping for a Kind Kindergarden

I wonder if other parents struggle as my husband and I struggle concerning the education of our daughters. It seems there is not a really good choice. My daughter is wired to love being with people. Though I would happily home school her, with her personality, it would simply be cruel. We cannot afford a private school, though I am not entirely convinced they greatly benefit the child as a whole (not just educationally). That leaves our local public school.

I also know the power a teacher wields. Much of the day they are alone with our children and in general we barely know them. I will have to rely on the judgement of those who hired the teacher. By the way, I don't know them either. I can't edit a teacher as I would the T.V. This is frustrating.

Yet, the process begins. Today I have discovered the sign up date for our local school. I believe these years to come will be spent on my knees (literally) much of the time. I feel as though I have so little control over the influences in her life. Praise God, His influence extends beyond all fences and borders in any and every location. I do know Him and I do trust Him.


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