Thursday, February 03, 2005

My mind us mush

I have many thoughts right now. Things which concern me. Will the California State Legislature pass physician assisted suicide? What do I think about it?

Still in the works...I struggle because I saw death recently. I watch my grandfather pass away. He has mentally been gone for a while. With dimensia his mind and ability to talk or communicate in any way was gone. He would smile and people would interpret it's meaning. When he had a stroke which caused his breathing to stop for one or two minutes, and then abruptly restart. I don't know all the details and perhaps that is good. But through much difficulty, my mom and uncle decided to have him admitted to hospice. Again, I don't know all the details but I do know what it was like to watch the lack of water and food eat away at his frail body. Is it better to end a life when we know it is ending? I can't agree with it, but the selfish part of me wonders if I would feel the same if the suffering person was me.

Should I be a bag lady? In San Francisco, they have apparently decided to charge extra for the grocery bags. It is their hope to encourage people to bring their own bags to the grocery. The result would be fewer bags creating hideous litter. Not and entirely horrible idea, but slightly embarassing to say the least. What if I don't bring enough bags? Will people purchase reusable bags at a higher cost to help solve the problem? I don't want to be cruel but I think that in order to live in Frisco one has to have an inordinately large back account. An extra $.17 per bag probably bother them a bit.

Baby cries can't leave her, sister enters wearing a lovely taffeta cinderellaesque outfit and wants all my attention too. How to balance...

Loved the state of the union. Detailed but not too detailed, let the politicians get bogged down with that which I can't change or affect. Mr. Bush, I have great respect for you just one thing. Please don't negate any efforts to help our state simply because we have problematic people. They are everywhere. There was a lot of damage in the storms, people need help.

Baby cries again. Writing time is through.


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