Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Watch out someone else is coining "the Governator" phrase

I was reading various blogs this morning and at Stones Cry Out I see "Once invincible 'Governator' dips". Until this read I had seen no one else call our Governor Arnold, "the Governator". It turns out it is a quote from an AP article of the same title. It is interesting to me that the author of this article points to things like taking on the California Teacher's Association as a reason for the decline in numbers. The team at the beautiful new Stones Cry Out site do a great job of analysing the poll involved. I do think it is possible that his numbers could go down a bit though because of his willingness to have teachers get pay increases based on overall success not just tenure. It is the largest union in the state and if you've read some of my previous articles, you'll know they are trying to grow larger. This will be a battle of Governor Arnie stands by what he said. Quite frankly, if he can do that he'll finally have a fan in me too.


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