Friday, February 11, 2005

Rain rolls in

Soggy swampy backyard. Leaking garage. Drains not draining.
That's just my personal experience.

In the neighborhood...
evacuated mobile homes, quickly moving rivers that appear and disappear at the drop of rain, impassable dirt roads that lead to homes, hillsides still moving from the last rain, houses relocating--not mobile homes, HOUSES.

No idea what to expect but seeking prayer for So Cal. It is needed in so many ways.

Good thing FEMA set up shop here.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

FEMA finally fantastic

Much frustration has been expressed across my state concerning the lack of a presidential declaration of disaster. Yesterday, sorry I didn't blog, my local newspaper ran info that FEMA (federal emergency management agency) is setting up shop in our area.

The recent rains devasted some of the people in our area. People with mobile homes who were unable to return and unable to do much more. As the water poured, their life savings drifted away. That was almost a month ago. Frustration has engulfed this region waiting for some word from the federal government.