Monday, February 21, 2005

Presidents day in the southland

Rain pounding down upon us, famiy from Michigan comes to visit "sunny" California. See the kids, see the grandchildren. What do we do? Hang around the house, go to the mall, watch movies. But children need more, family needs more. Where can we go indoors to spend time together? My husband brings up an idea. We've never visited the Reagan Presidential Library. OK.

It's beautiful in the hills. We remember times when we were young now seen through adult eyes. The children learn something new. There were other presidents besides the one we have now. My oldest peers through glass at children's pictures and letters sent to the president. "Why are those there mommy?" she asks. I tell her that children wrote to the president. I tell her presidents like to get letters and care about the children of the country. She, four years old, says that she would like to write to President Bush. OK, I think, one day.

President's Day arrives. Oh yeah, it's President's Day, how ironic. That wasn't planned.

"I want to make a card for President Bush" the munchkin says. We get out the paper and pens. In her uneasy hand she writes "President Bush". She draws a very basic picture of a stick figure cat, because she thinks he'll like a cat. Inside, she writes "President Bush", she draws lines and a gold glittery path. She draws a morraca with a "W" on it. Tomorrow we will send it, with a letter of explanation.

That was our President's Day. Not what I expected.